Becoming a member of the Aurum Solis (Pronaos)


– 7 steps, each one including rituals and teachings
– Postal sending of the Tessera and documentation
– Audio pronunciation of sacred words used in rituals
– Mentorship on the private forum
– Movie, video documents, and articles
– 12 months access
– Access from computer and any mobile device
– Technical assistance

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This first step in the Aurum Solis (Pronaos Training) is different from a usual course. With this training you will:

  • Use a very complete and gradual system of individual ritual practices;
  • Use rituals coming from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and the Italian Renaissance;
  • Begin to really develop your psychic abilities;
  • Learn and practice in contact with mentors trained by the Aurum Solis answering questions on the private forum;
  • Learn about the Hermetic, Ogdoadic, and Theurgic Traditions.
  • Prepare your first initiation in the Aurum Solis


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PronaosHow it is organized?

The Pronaos is composed of two main aspects:
1- In the course: Individual studies, practices, medications, and rituals with personal Mentorship from Officers of the Aurum Solis answering questions on the private forum.
2- By postal mail: you will receive a consecrated Talisman called a Tessera. You will use it during your practices in order to be truly in contact with the spiritual chain of the Ogdoadic Tradition and specifically the Aurum Solis.
3- Pronaos Groups: These groups are open to those who live near a House of the Order where they may participate with other members of the Order in group activities. Students who live far from a House can participate to online activities organised by an Internet House of the Order.

The membership of a Pronaos Member has a duration of 12 months.
If you have achieved the Curriculum of the Pronaos within one year, you will be able to apply for initiation in the First Hall in the Aurum Solis.
If you didn’t achieve the Pronaos within this period of time, you will have the opportunity to simply renew your membership of Pronaos Member.


What I will find in the Pronaos?

You will find in the Pronaos a very well organized material.

Here are the main sections of the Pronaos:
– A very complete and gradual system of individual ritual practices
– Teachings about the Ogdoadic and Theurgic Traditions
– Philosophical Meditations
– Fundamental Principles of psychic training

This material of the Pronaos is provided in this course accessible from your computer and from your mobile devices.

You will find:
1- Webpages such as this one,
2- PDF files for rituals, practices, and other material
3- Audio files
4- Videos,
All this is used to facilitate your apprenticeship. 


What about my inner abilities?

Anyone has the capacity to develop and master his inner abilities. 

The Aurum Solis Tradition explains that we are composed of a visible and invisible bodies. The latter can be purify by specific processes. Such inner work will give you health, strength, and a higher understanding of the world. 

As you may know, these invisible bodies are made of energy. If we do not control this inner power, it will remain useless or it could influence us in a wrong direction. Consequently it is important to understand the nature of this invisible plan. Then we should learn and be trained in order to master this inner power.

These abilities are well known under some of their effects, such as: Intuition, Out-of-body experience, Telepathy, etc. However, these aspects are often consequences of a more deeper mastership: The revelation of your destiny that will be manifested in the best way possible!

All that is accomplished by a specific process that has been developed along centuries by Masters of this famous tradition.

The first step you will discover in the Pronaos involves breathing, relaxation, mental representations, sacred pronunciations, prayers, etc. All these aspects are perfectly combined and activated in simple and very efficient rituals!

They are organized in a gradual way that follows a precise sequence of days often linked with the lunar and solar cycles. 


What kind of teachings do you provide?

Beside the practices, rituals and all the information related to them, you will find several teachings in the Pronaos:
– Meditations from philosophers who have been involved in the Western Mysteries
– Articles and studies about the Mediterranean Traditions
– Esoteric and theurgic teachings
– Program of readings
– etc.


How the mentorship works?

It is important to have someone who can directly answer to your questions and sometimes give you advices.

The Mentors are not “Masters” or “Teachers” per se. There are initiates of the Order, volunteers who have more experience and perspective. You can contact them and start a conversation on the private forum.

You could also be invited to participate to online meetings or Local Pronaos Meetings. These meetings do not replace your practices.

The calendar for these meetings is communicated on the forum.


Why enrolling in the Pronaos?

In education, the school and the teacher matter!

Today many things can be found online. Millions of books are available. Everyone is writing and many people create groups, schools, teachings, etc. This is great and in the same time confusing and potentially dangerous. 

Spirituality, philosophy, psychic trainings, or rituals are not subjects you can improvise. In order to understand and explain philosophy, a teacher needs years of training and tests. This is not because famous quotations are on Facebook that someone is ready to teach in a good way. This is the same thing for the other subject we just mentioned.

During centuries the Aurum Solis Tradition has been managed by Grand Officers that received serious teachings and trainings related to all these subjects. Several of them have been scholars and were specialized in philosophy, religion, ancient ceremonies, etc. This is the case for the current Grand Master. A lineage is paramount. It allows to use a heritage that have been received and developed along centuries.

If you have a child, we understand that you will not enroll him (or her) in a school you do not know and with self-proclaimed teachers without any background. You will choose a school you can trust because you want the best for your children.

This is the same for initiatic groups. You do not want to lose your time with vain spontaneous creations. You want to choose the best school that can provide the best teaching and training possible.

For the Hermetic-Theurgic Tradition, this is the Ordo Aurum Solis and you are in the right place.

Thanks for visiting us! If you have any pre-enrollment questions of the course or questions related to the Aurum Solis, please email the A.S. at




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